Clinical practice guideline on palliative care for adults in the last days of life.



The main aim of the Clinical Practice Guideline on palliative care for adults in the last days of life is to serve as a tool for improving the healthcare provided to people in the last days of their life and their families, across the various levels of care and settings where they are seen (hospital, primary and home care, emergency services, and health and social care centres).

The target population of this CPG is adult patients (over 18 years of age) at the end-of-life stage when death occurs gradually and when -during this stage- there is severe physical deterioration, extreme weakness, a high rate of cognitive impairment and/or disorders of consciousness, relational and eating/drinking difficulties, and a life expectancy of days or hours, regardless of whether patients are on a palliative care pathway.

This version in English contains the following types of information:

  • Clinical questions
  • Recommendations
  • Rationale
  • Complete clinical question (link to the version in Spanish)
  • References.

To access the full version of the CPG (as a multilayer presentation or PDF), the methods employed, materials for patients, families and other caregivers, and other information in Spanish, please click on the following link: