Programa de Guías de Práctica Clínica en el Sistema Nacional de Salud

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Full Guideline

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CPG on the Management of Depression in Adults (2014)
CPG for Care in Pregnancy and Puerperium (2014) [translation in progress]
CPG for the Management of Invasive Meningococcal Disease (2013) [translation in progress]
CPG for the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (2012) [translation in progress]
CPG on Sleep Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence in Primary Care (2011) [translation in progress]
CPG on the Comprehensive Care of People with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias (2010) [translation in progress]
CPG for the Prevention and Treatment of Suicidal Behaviour (2012) [translation in progress]
CPG Osteoporosis Fractures and Prevention by Fragility (2010) [English version not available]
CPG on the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis (2010) [translation in progress]

gpc desactualizadaNote: It has been 5 years since the publication of this Clinical Practice Guideline and it is subject to updating. The recommendations included should be considered with caution taking into account that it is pending evaluate its validity.

Update: May 2015